The Yellow Jacket Incident - 2005


yellowjacketThe Yellow Jacket Incident
yellowjacket, yellow-jacket, yellow jacket

MissionMerriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary

Main Entry: yellow jacket
Function: noun
1 : any of various yellow-marked
social wasps (especially genus Vespula of the family Vespidae)
that usually nest in the ground, aggressively defend their nests, and
can sting repeatedly and painfully

September 2005

Kill a nest of yellow jackets at 3:00 pm

ERROR: One sting to the tip of my nose thru two ski masks!!!

SYMPTOMS: numbness, swelling, no respiratory problems

TREATMENT: Inititially treated with Benadryl, Ibuprofen & beer
Following day -- 40 mg Prednisone
Swelling was gone completely after 4 days
Doctor gave me a prescription for an epipen.

MEMORIES: Yellowjackets flying directly out of the nest and at my face
The yellowjackets coming out of the nest seemed to know exactly where to fly
as they flew directly at me as I sprayed the 20 foot yellowjacket spray.
"Making a Bee-line" comes to mind...There was no pain other than the sting.
My face just became a blubbery painless mess. I had no breathing problems although
my nose was a little stuffy. Brendan Walsh really seemed to have fun squeezing my lips and face.

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